Nowy numer "Ginekologii Polskiej" 12/2018

15 Styczeń 2019

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Tytuły artykułów:

1. Dietary macronutrients and fluid intakes in a sample of pregnant women with either gestational diabetes or
type 1 diabetes mellitus, assessed in comparison with Polish nutritional guidelines
2. Stage IB1 cervical cancer treated with modified radical
or radical hysterectomy: does size determine risk factors?
3. Hysterectomy costs depending on operational technique
4. Telemedicine consultations in obstetrics and gynecology — a population
based study in Polish-speaking women
5. Diagnostic and prognostic relevance of microparticles in peripheral
and uterine blood of patients with endometrial cancer
6. Proteomic pattern of cervico-vaginal fluid (CVF) in an ovarian cancer diagnosis — pilot study
7. Pregnancy and the eye. Changes in morphology of the cornea
and the anterior chamber of the eye in pregnant woman
8. An investigation of the effect of placental growth factor on intrapartum
fetal compromise prediction in term-induced high risk pregnancies
9. Polymorphisms in selected candidate genes for type 2 diabetes mellitus can be associated
with increased risk of neonatal macrosomia in a population of pregnant women
with gestational diabetes mellitus
10. Current treatment options for advanced choriocarcinoma on the basis of own case and review of the literature
11. Perinatal and cardiovascular outcomes in a pregnant patient with Marfan syndrome


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