Is there a future for cell-free fetal dna tests in screening for preeclampsia?

Autor: Urszula Sarzynska-Nowacka, Przemyslaw Kosinski, Miroslaw Wielgos
Data publikacji: 11 Luty 2019

CffDNA screening is a powerful diagnostic tool in the prenatal diagnosis algorithm for chromosomal abnormalities. With detailed ultrasound examination as the mainstay of first-trimester risk assessment, cffDNA has been shown to be superior to first-trimester combined screening (FTCS) in false-positive rates for trisomy 21 detection. In light of the growing interest in cffDNA testing and the possibility of it replacing first-trimester biochemistry, we decided to investigate the usefulness of cffDNA tests in early-pregnancy risk assessment for preeclampsia (PE). The aim of this review paper was to evaluate clinical application of first-trimester cfDNA in predicting PE, as well as to investigate its possible use in first-trimester PE screening enhancement, also in cases where biochemistry is not performed.

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